SAUCER Stirrings (News of the UFO Community)

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SAUCER Stirrings (UFO Community News)
VOLUME One, Number One
January 16 2017

–James Moseley left the scene in 2012 and his SAUCER SMEAR issues of ufological news came to an end.

A journalist, a sociologist, a gadfly, a humorist, and inspirational trickster, he is not here now in this unhinged era of celebrating psychotic regression of the scene and going full throated crazy.

The Perfect Guru for the New Crazy of course resides for a little while longer in the White House, and in line with the predictive projections of historian Jerome Clark back in his writings in the 90s, the UFO Community found itself mostly marching in step with the alt right Clown routine of Trump. Whose vision of things aligned strangely with the Dark Side creeds dominating the ufo community today. Hillary, still a favorite canvas for all sorts of fantastc dark fantasies by the most of the residents of the ufo communty, was an enthusiastic fan of the ufo subject, Trump not.

Yes. The community (as Clark saw in development 25 years ago) aligned with alt right emotionality and thought, and even though you would think the ufo folks wouldn’t be tripping all the time in this fear and hate based ideology, given the implications of the reality of cosmic pluralism, that is not how it played out as the community basicly followed Dr Paul Bennewitz and his path to padded wall rooms.

So, this is a good time to reincarnate SAUCER SMEAR.

All news, analysis, and opining contributions welcome.

Here is Jim speaking after I bugged him to get up on stage:

Jim Moseley addressing Operation Right To Know demonstrators at the White House, June 1993


~Volume 1, Issue 1—January 16 2018

~Volume 1, Number 2—January 17 2018

~Volume One, Issue Three—February 12 2018


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