Declaration of Interdependence


January 20 2017

A Declaration of Interdependence

In times of acute fusion with the imagined identity at the center of a fortress, it is time to recollect the concrete ( and not imagined) reality of the interdependent nature of all that is appearing and disappearing.

A mutual celebration and enjoyment of the uniqueness of each appearance of the cosmos, with the spirit of allowing freely the play of all appearances, was the necessary recollection of the 1776 declaration of independence, in times of a long term fusion with imagined subordinance to an abstracted order suppressing the organically spontaneous creative impulse.

Disorder and pathological dynamics characterize the political-economic-cultural order of 2017.

Not only is the recognition of our interdependent nature missing in the body politic, the ever deepening emergings of freedom born from the promise of the 1776 declaration are now at risk of serious erosion.

Vigilance and action at this time is corrupted in ALL corners of our body politic by the failure to not realize in feeling and awareness our essential nature, as”not-two”, and also the basic signs of existence.

As the great 20th century sage Ramana Maharshi noted, the realization of our most essential nature is the greatest service one can offer to mankind.

From that realization comes the energy and skillful means for vigilance and action.

There is no program.  No nation state.  No borders nor deeds of ownership. No authority exists.  None of this is discernable as a concrete reality.

These are literary creations!  That allow us to go about our business together with some degree of order and justice.

See that, then feel the energy unleashed.

Raise the Victory Banner of Freedon in Interdependence.