FIRST NOTES TO EARTH (an online novel)

[Draft in progress…]

We are the academics of the Abealla Library on a planet 40 light years from yours, surrounding a sun of dimmer light and associating with civilizations surrounding 12 other suns.

Including yours, but the association in your case has been a one sided affair with few on your planet discerning our covert  presence.

We are authorized now to change that state of affairs.

Because you are ripe for that.

Bruised, with a “smell”, reaching our shores.

Which you recently detected ever so faintly.

Our first notes dispatched to your shores will be a sharing of what it is that brings you in natural association with us in this outer region of our galaxy.

The first volume will be about YOU.  And, the creative product taking shape on your shores.

That requires an immediate note on Ancient Aliens and the notion THEY (i.e us) are responsible for your creative development and story.

Probably the best or most effective way to address that, without detailing, is to reference that notion as being akin to the solid waste product of a bull.

(Above fecal referencing a universally clear point, in sapien languaging behavior.)

Our natural association with sapiens arose when a very small number of sapiens broke the bounds of the story premises forming the basis of sapien cultural orders.

Broke the bounds….and,  further breaking through to a realization of the core “dimension” of reality and existence.

We are enabled to note this because while this liberating realization is rare, awareness for the potential for it has arisen in cultural orders worldwide.

So, now we will tell some of the stories highlighted in our notes while watching you (ie sapiens and all other living beings and happenings) over many thousands of years on your planet.