MAY 04 2017

This begins a journal that covers anything without limit.

There is a long term novel project with the following draft giving some sort of idea about that:



We are the academics of the Abealla Library on a planet 40 light years from yours, surrounding a sun of dimmer light and associating with civilizations surrounding 12 other suns.

Including yours, but the association in your case has been a one sided affair with few on your planet discerning our covert  presence.

We are authorized now to change that state of affairs.

Because you are ripe for that.

Bruised, with a “smell”, reaching our shores.

Which you recently detected ever so faintly.

Our first notes dispatched to your shores will be a sharing of what it is that brings you in natural association with us in this outer region of our galaxy.

The first volume will be about YOU.  And, the creative product taking shape on your shores.

That requires an immediate note on Ancient Aliens and the notion THEY (i.e us) are responsible for your creative development and story.

Probably the best or most effective way to address that, without detailing, is to reference that notion as being akin to the solid waste product of a bull.”

This is inspired by the 23rd chapter of the Lotus Sutra and Namkhai Norbu’s remarks concerning certain contents of a key dzogchen tantra, the sgra thal gyur.


Next book report will examine the experimental writing of the late Adi Da in his novel The Mummery.


There is a deep fragmentation seemingly unfolding in the culture of human politics with humans associated with the mythic-ethnocentric stage of development engineering a regressive movement towards nationalism and insularity while angry human missionaries attempt to steer the culture in terms of a collectivist vision described as key to moving in a progressive direction.  Meanwhile, the more vast “middle”, more concretely and naturally adept at integrating liberal and conservative perspectives, and not heavily tending to objectify and “look down” their noses at imagined enemies, appear to be resisting the lord of the flies circumstances of our white house…and, hopefully will help soften the edges of the feverish visions and dangerous urges of those in full battlefield mode.


May 09 2017

Key scenes for Kashmir Shaivism and Dzogchen, northern Pakistan (Kashmir Valley, Swat Valley)


Region thought to be key for Dzogchen’s original birth, Central Asia



Am reading SAPIENS A Brief History of Mankind by Yuval Noah Harari.

That came out in 2015.

It is “our” story, the story of one of several human species, ours coming into existence a mere 150,000 years ago while some others had thrived for 2 million years, spreading worldwide with Homo Sapiens first leaving its East African base only 70,000 years ago.

Key to Homo Sapiens (that is us) gaining planetary ascendancy was the completely mysterious (except for ancient aliens folks, lol) “Cognitive Revolution” that manifested the capacity to imagine and story tell and thus expand our ability to form larger alliances and creative vehicles by which we organize our lives together. Vehicles like nation states, corporations, religions, etc. The literary creations in effect are viable because we share a belief in them.

Harari doesn’t see Homo Sapiens coming even close to breaking the Homo Erectus record of 2 million years of existence due to the development of science these past 500 years. Our creative impulse in that department will lead to something else, he suggests. (I just peeked ahead, still in beginning chapters.)


Ed Komarek is putting out an idea for the revival of the old UFO activist group Operation Right To Know, which worked to expose presumed UFO secrets back in the 90s. He started a Facebook group under that name a week ago.

It will be interesting to see what a new generation of people do with that idea.

There seems to be something of a revived interest now. Aside from publicity given to a new book highlighting spike UFO reports in recent years, there is the mo jo given to this by Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and Jimmy Kimmel.


Reassuring point heard today: doesn’t really matter what actions Trump and his stripped down/neutered EPA do in the way of policy and actions because the economy itself will rule the day. And, “it” has decided to switch over these past several years to clean energy pathways.

So, this horribly regressive storyteller (Trump), who fashions stories solely on lying all the time, can be bypassed! By you and me and all the creative homo sapiens playing on the basis of far less pathologically engineered stories.


May 23 2017

Have somewhat recently refocused on revisiting the happenings in the so called “ufo field”.

The largest ufo outfit, MUFON, is centering the theme of its next annual symposium on the promotion of what is clearly a product of a fantacist’s imagination.

That fantacist is backed up by a famous talking head fantacist on the ancient alien show on ancient aliens.

OTOH, the ufo field includes the helpful resource called the National UFO Reporting Center.

Some of the cases from that have already been reposted in the new Fortean compilation of current mysteries page set up at this site.