SAUCER Stirrings (News of the UFO Community), Volume 1, Number 2, January 17, 2018

Issue number 1 was just published yesterday without any real reference to the varied reactions within the ufo community, or the really weird one from Julian Assange, to the December 16 2017 revelations in the New York Times of a Pentagon UFO study.

The first issue is posted at a publically viewable Facebook group, with news items posted in the comments section.  Only that issue will be posted on Facebook, as the original site.  See it here:

Issue #1

Now, for some notable reactions to the news emerging on December 16 2017……

Long time fantasy weaving Artist Steven Greer, recently basking in his success in viewership of his documentary Unacknowledged, called the NY Times reveal a sign of plans for a false flag alien invasion to strengthen the position of the cabal he and many others hallucinate into existence in a torturous minute by minute exercise.

Julian Assange, whose disdain for the ufo subject has never been disguised behind any niceties, called the story fake news, agreed about this false flag notion, and said Hillary was one of those pandering to the all important UFO voting block (lol).

And, veteran Mirage Man artist former CIA analyst Ron Pandolfi, one of the rare former deep state denizens still a big fan of Trump, also called the big reveal fake news, etc and also was dismissive of the two gun camera film shown.  (Ron’s attitudes reported by Grant Cameron, long time scholar focused on “presidents and ufos”, based on Open Minds forum postings from Ron’s friend Dan Smith, and Ron himself as Footman at that site.)

Master of mirage John Lear also weighed in, giving his addled reasoning on why the gun camera film shared by Luis Elizondo was fake.

The newspapers and news shows have slowed down their coverage for the moment but there is an expectation that further film and material releases by the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences will refuel the forward motion of this trickling disclosure.

There were of course widespread expressions of happiness and support by ufo folks, amidst a lot of grumbling and suspicion.

One note that I haven’t seen reported widely is the sharing by Eric Davis, science associate to Hal Puthoff (a TTSAAS VP), to Grant Cameron at his facebook page that the gun camera film was declassified by the Navy and a program office in the domain of the under secretary of defense for intelligence.

It is important to note also that the Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program headed by Luis Elizondo at the Pentagon did NOT include Elizondo’s hero Secretary of Defense on the access list!  Elizondo told Ali Veshi on MSNBC on Dec 26 his biggest regret was being unable to share AATIP findings with him.

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“Stillness in the Storm” archive of articles for this past week

Upcoming UFO Gatherings

The 27th annual International UFO Congress is scheduled for February 14-18 and promises a lineup of some of ufology’s leading, and among the most sensible, figures.

There will be a recorded speech from Luis Elizondo presented there also.

In Fort Myers, FL on February 24th, from 9am to 8pm, $10 will get you in the door for presentations at the UFO and Paranormal Conference.

The famous Ozark Mountain UFO Conference will hold its 31st annual conference from April 13 to 15.

End Note

Barack Obama mentioned to David Letterman recently the dynamics on social media whereby people are more and more gravitating to, and settling in deeply, insulated bubbles of separate realities.

The situation is acutely disturbing.

I think it best to now restrict my activities on Facebook to only posting a link to subsequent issues of this newsletter, at the Historical Archive for Operation Right to Know group.

This way I can stand aside from that venue unaffected by the depressant impact of talking in a world of insulated bubbles.

And, be enabled to be more focused, with something of an outlier independence that Moseley maintained…staying offline as he did.

I am obviously out of step with the majority views and ways of the ufo community, so my record keeping here won’t be primarily for the residents of that community.

Like the briefing paper still in development, it is for folks not glued to a home in that community, ie ” the general public”, now being exposed in a trickling disclosure to confirmation of an alien presence on the planet.