SAUCER Stirrings (News of the UFO Community), Volume One, Number Three

February 12 2018

The Lead

Las Vegas journalist George Knapp, while guest hosting the Sunday edition of the Coast to Coast AM radio show a couple of weeks ago, more than once aired his thoughts and feelings about the somewhat negative mo jo many denizens of the ufo community have directed towards the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences.  Knapp was angry and disgusted over what seemed like widespread negativity from within the ufo community towards the crew and work of TTSAAS.  He identified the factors behind this negativity which I have also previously noted in prior pages here, like here .

In a more recent interview, with Guiliano Marinkovich (The most polite and factually grounded interviewer I have ever heard!), Luis Elizondo also voiced some of the same thoughts and feelings that Knapp shared in his recent interviews with Hal Puthoff and Hal’s science associate Eric Davis.

Basicly, many in the ufo community with their cultic allegiances to various ideological factions and/or who are the producers and consumers of various cottage industry operations (with sizable niche markets on social media platforms and you tube channels) felt left out in the cold by this apparently large scale new effort to address ufo related mysteries and issues.

And, there is also the matter of recent revelations seeming to undercut the widely adopted ufo political creed of an evil cabal in charge of things.

In any event, the top news right now may be emerging from a recent chat a UFO researcher and business woman had with Jim Semivan in Sedona.

Here is part 1 of the video report.  Parts 2 and 3 will be added after posted later today:

Part two:

In part one, Melinda Leslie reports that Jim Semivan shared background news of the New York Times delaying its report on a third gun camera film now prepared for release by TTSAAS, but hopefully by the end of February they may be able to go ahead.

The reason for the delay is obvious.  Let me put that reason in my own words:

“There is a damn Ferenghi residing as the principle tenant in the White House and his clowning and criminal antics are simply something NOTHING can compete with.  But, a famed buster of Ferenghi Mafia Lords may soon bring things to a head and a much more boring tenant may soon take the master bedroom in the White House living quarters.”

Now, if I was to note the leading (because of its ratings and audience share) news lead published in the chief Looney Tune quarters of “The UFO community”, it would be David Wilcock reporting the demise of the To The Stars Academy and its effort:

David W’s article at Divine Cosmos

In this February 9 2018 article “Tom DeLonge Group Debunked: Curtains for Partial Disclosure?”, David begins by noting that TTSAAS used a fake image in its October 11 2017 rollout.

Over 2 weeks before David’s article, TTSAAS had already issued an apology, dated January 23rd:

“On October 11, 2017, during a broadcast announcing the formation of the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, our creative team utilized a slide that we intended to be illustrative of the Nimitz case discussed in the presentation.  We recognize that the use of this slide without proper clarification created confusion, and most importantly, did not meet our standard of accuracy…….and we regret this oversight……”

After David offers imaginings related to that, in the opening sections of this article, he takes his familiar pro Trumpian hallucinations of a dark deep state cabal soon to be arrested (meaning Obama, Hillary, John Podesta, etc) and weaves that into a report showing TTSAAS exposed as a now toothless vehicle of the dark cabal’s agenda of “partial disclosure”.

Be that as it may (which is bat shit crazy), some actual news did come out of that Coast to Coast AM interview recently of Hal Puthoff by George Knapp (the show mentioned at top of this issue).

Since I listened only to 30 minutes of the full 2 hours, I will rely on a list of key notes made by the host of the Facebook group “Sekret Machines: Between the Lines”.  They are various things noted, but here I will just pass on that Puthoff reportedly shared that 24 videos had been declassified and will be released over time, with the pace accelerating as other nations start joining in.  Apparently, also, Robert Bigelow has 46 employees studying film, including 15 hours from Operation Plate in Brazil.

Many people are now filing FOIA requests and a long waiting list exists, as one researcher and blogger here notes:

The UFO Trail

Upcoming UFO Gatherings

The 27th annual International UFO Congress is scheduled for February 14-18 and promises a lineup of some of ufology’s leading, and among the most sensible, figures.

There will be a recorded speech from Luis Elizondo presented there also.

In Fort Myers, FL on February 24th, from 9am to 8pm, $10 will get you in the door for presentations at the UFO and Paranormal Conference.

The famous Ozark Mountain UFO Conference will hold its 31st annual conference from April 13 to 15.

Book Reports

A key feature of this newsletter, which is asserted by me to be in the Moseley Lineage, will be book reports.

Soon I will inaugurate that feature with reports on Ardy Sixkiller Clarke’s first 2, of 3, books describing in depth experiences shared with her by U.S American, Central American, and southern Mexican Indians.

Whitley Strieber Documentary Project

Here is the Go Fund Me page:

Strieber describes this project:

“We’re raising this money for a major new documentary that seeks to take the whole UFO and alien controversy into some very new directions. This is something real, but we all remain very passive about it because nobody understands what to do. But there are people with new ideas that can lead to new understanding and useful action. We will bring them together in this documentary and let them tell you what they know. There is a new world looking us right in the eye. But we have to take it.”

Taking the Baton from James Moseley (A Tongue in Cheek Fable)

Ed Komarek, after reviewing a previous issue, observed:

“You and Jim have alot in common.”

This is evidentiary exhibit A for me legitimately assuming the Moseley role of chronicling news of the ufo community.  Because Ed and the late Jim Moseley were longtime friends.

And, I can frame my own interactions with Moseley as initiatory events preparing me for this role.

Jim called the DC suite where Ed and I were staying while we were staging for over a week an educational display at zero point on the White House ellipse and lobbying members of Congress.

This was in March 1992.

This particular night I took an easy walk down past the university and state department and spent long moments gazing as Abe Lincoln and pigeons, then names on the Vietnam Memorial.

Retracing my route, I ended up at a college pub, then back to the suite where I ended up talking to Moseley on the phone.

I told him about my walking adventure, and that I had done some ORTK outreach at the pub.

He suggested I cut the crap on that characterization of my pub activities, as I was there to scout the young college women.  (Jim probably said “girls”, not one to mind politically correct terminology.)

So, right there I was initiated into the Way of Raw Truth-Telling when reporting events.

A little over a year, Ed, his late wife Susan and I stayed in a suite at the same hotel, and Jim got a room there.  I had also booked a room but got upgraded to a suite because I checked in way early.

After the demonstration, Jim spent time with us in our suite.  A fun celebratory time as we regaled in the tv news coverage of our event.

I mixed some drinks for Jim.

Later that night he called from his more modest room to gripe that I had a nice suite and he didn’t.

That was the final initiation and in effect represented the passing of the Baton.

For, now the UFO story is assured of playing out in Larger Rooms.