Saucer Stirrings (Signs and Patterns of UFO events and of our adaptation to realizing an “alien” presence), Volume One, Number Four, April 2 2018

The subtitle for the previous 3 issues was “news of the ufo community” and reflected my desire to “reincarnate” Jim Moseley’s newsletter, known in its final decades as Saucer Smear.

Jim moved on to bigger rooms in 2012 and I feel it is time to move our focus also onto much bigger rooms.

While there are work products rising out of the ufo community, going back to the Lorenzens and thru today’s Ardy Clarke (a span of nearly 7 decades), that will be of great importance and a focus here, I will no longer focus on chronicling any of the dramas and doings in the so called ufo community.

Since the last issue, a 3rd gun camera film by US Navy pilots filming an unidentified craft in 2015 off the east coast was released by the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, and injected into the MSM viral stream through the gateway of the Washington Post and an article by a former under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Chris Mellon.

All the news channels and newspapers also gave sober attention on this released film also.  Most people have likely had some exposure to this news.  Despite the overwhelming news now unfolding around Trump and other things.

For now, I would say the signs of our adaptation to this tasting of the initial appetizers served so far (the 3 navy pilot gun camera film) can best be described as a collective yawn with a few raised eye brows here and there.

The FAA has recently released audio of pilots and air traffic controllers involved in two recent UFO events (northern California and Oregon, Arizona) and many people are taking all that in as reports are conveyed via major news outlets and on social media.

Perhaps when things die down in the Trump dramas (after his possibly soon departure from the public scene), we all will have more space to take in all these reveals.

Tom DeLonge has multiple entertainment and public education projects coming to production and pre production stage.

And, Jeremy Corbell will release his Skinwalker Ranch documentary this summer.

The key focus here will entail a study of direct encounter cases and finding the data and patterns that enhance our understanding of the very varied “alien” presence suggested in different types of records describing cases of direct encounters with beings who to date have not been identified precisely.

Here is a data compilation project I have started:

Insofar as examining our adaptation to a clear realization of a (varied) “alien” presence, I have another briefing project that gives clues of how that might go by sharing the history of the so called “UFO community” and its 70 plus years of addressing this mystery head on:

Both of these projects right now are far from complete but hopefully will be available as helpful resources (among alot of others, I hope) when this matter becomes concretely evident to most homo sapiens as a real thing.