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October 12 2017

Musician and author Tom DeLonge yesterday hosted a press conference in Seattle and announced an ambitious effort via a public benefits corporation called the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Joining him on stage were figures with signicant past positions in the government.



Newsweek article on this event:

Rolling Stone article on this event:

Huffington Post article on this event, with in depth background:

Their website:

October 13 2017

A background history will soon be posted in this column, giving a context to this new approach, which is clearly an upgraded and more transparent model for addressing the long standing ufo mystery (and related matters including paranormal experiences and capacities).

With the launch of this new effort, Tom DeLonge is sharing updates on social media frequently, with this one reporting an unscripted weekly tv program sharing developments, which includes showing in public for the first time sharp military gun film footage of craft reportedly not ours or any other government:

That material is noted by DeLonge to be now declassified.  I am wanting to find out more about who did the declassifying.

Per the most recent executive order (Obama, 2009), agency heads can do so.  And, I think also department and compartmentalized program heads (like Luis Elizondo was until very very recently.)


In news on another front completely, multiple arrests and convictions of high profile gurus in India, as well as the recent exposure of serious abuses of a major Tibetan Buddhist figure, perhaps suggests a trend that the Guru function as created in ancient cultural milieus will give way to new vehicles and models of conveying primary spiritual realizations.

An association of sadhus from all the devotional lineages (ie Shiva, Krishna, the Goddess, etc) put out a list recently of a dozen or so big named gurus exhibiting criminal misconduct and abuse, their corruption extreme.

The vehicles of passing on a living experience of the non dual nature of existence will likely always involve some form of human mentorship, with varying cultures crafting unique expressions and practices.

A friend (attribution: Conrad Goehausen) suggested recently that a key vehicle of the future could be artists creatively engaged with all types of creative mediums.

Interestingly, 2 gurus in our era come to mind for their passion for and exercise of their artistic impulses:  Namkhai Norbu, music and dance and Adi Da, painting, photography, theater, and literary fiction.  (Two examples off the top of my mind.)

October 14 2017

TomDeLonge’s hometown paper becomes first metro-sized one to report on his October 11 announcement:

At this moment, the current info from their website reports 691 investors have purchased $331,664 of common type a stock.

Various music sites and magazines are also reporting onDeLonge’s multiple front project.  Here is one with a screenshot of the facebook photo and message I linked here yesterday:

October 15 2017

The leading figures and foot soldiers (like, say, MUFON field investigators and members and participants in other ufo groups) and intensly focused students and fans in the so called “ufo community” have been quite mixed in their response to Tom DeLonge’s recent announcement.

There is quite alot of skepticism, largely expressed from a basis of a deep distrust of all things governmental.

Most of Tom DeLonge’s team are recently retired government insiders, all of whom held significant positions in military and intelligence agencies.

The current atmosphere in the ufo community, as evidenced by voluminous postings on social media, largely seems based on the growing adoption of a picture of things injected into the ufo field via disinformation operations back in the 1980s.

UFO historian Jerome Clark in the introduction of his 1998 encyclooedic volume The UFO Book: Encyclopedia of the Extraterrestrial noted (page xiv):

“The 1980s saw a revival of interest, at least among American ufologists, both in the extraterrestrial hypothesis and in the issue of  alleged official coverups.  The decade also hosted an almost unprecedented number of hoaxes, many involving bogus documents which purported to be internal memoranda from official agencies holding extraterrestrial hardware and bodies…..Speculations about space visitors and government concealment gave birth to the Dark Side movement, a subculture which fused unrestrained paranoia and far right conspiracy theory into a nightmarish vision of a malevolent Washington in collusion with sinister extraterrestrials in a plot to enslave the human race.”

Clark goes on to also note that in this decade there was the importance of emerging abduction research, as a positive development helping deepen understanding.  Also he noted the significant signs that came out of mass sightings like during the Hudson Valley sightings.

It should be noted, though, that voices like Whitley Strieber, ufo political lobbyist Steve Bassett, Operation Right to Know founder Ed Komarek, and Lisa Galarneu, Russell Calka, and Chad Laibly of the Disclosure Activists, and Dr Joseph Burkes of Contact Underground are among some of the voices I have seen giving a positive regard to the potentials of this new project announced by Tom DeLonge on October 11.

At this time, the number of investors is up to 752 and investment total $360,144.

The Disclosure Activist group is sending the following supportive press release out on Tuesday October16: 

Another news article:

It should be noted that, in addition to the points made above, many ufo folks think this is a scam at this point in time.

October 16

A long haul expected.  A video update from DeLonge: