The Asterisk (Volume 2)

Volume One of this compilation of cutting edge news is here:

Volume one of The Asterisk

A summary report of Grant Cameron’s October 19 webinar, and a link to the whole video of that, concluded the compilation in volume one.

Having now seen the remaining 2 hours of that webinar, I can now expand upon my summary.

I mentioned that my connection to the webinar dropped after 34 minutes in, just when Cameron mentioned ex CIA-guy Ron Pandolfi’s involvement with some sort of interdimensional portal.  Cameron really didnt elaborate until nearly 2 hours later near the end, by using a video clip of Ron Pandolfi talking about it in rhe company of family and friends at a restaurant type setting:

“For thousands of years people have speculated what it is like to enter into the entrance to another world.

Now we are on the cusp of a breakthru where the door is about to open.”  He says.

He went on to say that his friend John, sitting with him at this filmed gathering, and two others would soon enter such a portal in some desert locale.  And, return.

Important to note, though, that Cameron said he saw no signs that Pandolfi was involved with DeLonge.  Instead, he said retired CIA official Jim Semivan was in charge of guiding the incremental disclosure via the DeLonge project.

Cameron with rapid intensity covered in depth the history of past intersection between government insiders and public ufo researchers, like Bill Moore and later Steven Greer.  Cameron also shared his analysis and speculative opinions about all of that.

Cameron asserts that from some key insiders, like Dr. Eric Walker, has come a crisply (unelaborated on) delivered clue as to the central key to the understanding of ufos:

The non dual and non local nature of Consciousness, and “ESP”.

And, Cameron reports, that is the basis for the capacity for quick interstellar travel.

Insofar as current incremental disclosure efforts, Cameron reported his conclusion that there are 6 in place, with DeLonge’s network one of them.

His research also suggested to him that it was all greenlighted by Barack Obama (a point already noted in the 1st section of this summary with one of the signs for that identified in an Obama 2015 interview with GQ magazine).

Perhaps UFO buff John Podesta, for a time the chief of staff to President Obama, has been a significant influence?

Another sign noted by Cameron was this 2013 event:

USA Today: Obama Aknowledges in Public Area 51

Cameron throughout his webinar, while overall supportive of the rollout of the project, remained nervous re Tom DeLonge”s negative take on alien visitstion based on the supposed history he envisions here of alien interaction with us (such as creating divisive religions causing conflicts and violence).  Cameron also cited how early insider contacts would bait DeLonge by encouraging his views: “you know what you are talking about”.  Since Cameron repeatedly emphasized he does not believe in evil aliens, due to a feeling evolved consciousness would eliminate that prospect, he said he would be a counter voice to any educational outreach by the DeLonge project presenting a negative view.

Yet, the team assembled by DeLonge seemed reassuring to Cameron.  First, Luis Elizondo, fresh from working just days before in a DOD program assessing aerial threats, told journalist Linda Keane that no signs of overt hostility were found to have been exhibited by UFOs.

Tom DeLonge in the October 11th presser seemed to move away from his stark one dimensional characterization voiced previously, noting this:

“I would stay up all night cataloguing, archiving and highlighting small pieces of data thinking I could find a unified theory of sorts, something to make sense out of the many elusive and mysterious events that seem to have interacted with mankind for thousands of years, SOMETIMES FOR GOOD and SOMETIMES NOT SO MUCH.”

Cameron reported that this effort has an end date of full disclosure in 2025.

PS Notes:

Cameron reported that an attempted deal to make a movie with Spielberg never came to fruition.

Also, he reported that DeLonge wanted to buy the database of The Edgar Mitchell Foundation For Researching Into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE) and hire the staff there for his research division.  They rejected his offer.

October 26 2017

INC. article and interview with Tom DeLonge and Steve Justice:

October 28

Near the end of this show linked below, a lot of the immediate and longer term actions are identified by Tom DeLonge. He already has in hand, he says, metal from a 1948 incident that will be tested in public within a few weeks and recently declassified military film, accompanied by chain of custody documentation, etc…..that is some of the immediate actions…Also, his personal spin and opinions on the nature of the et presence was deliberately toned down, he overtly mentions that, since his team seems to have less of a conceptualized, fixed picture of things:

Tom DeLonge on Joe Rogan show

Also, DeLonge posted a few hrs ago on Facebook:

“We are planning an Experiment using Dr. Hal Puthoff’s (TTS) mathematics with a piece of hardware from some very “interesting” breakage in the late 40’s.  This experiment will be shown to the world and scientific community to prove the ability to warp Space-Time.  This will help illuminate To The Stars engineering Plan.  And we have now 1200 investors.  Thank ou so much.”

October 29

A recent study out of Australia recently tested techniques for inducing lucid dreams:


The current public buy in to the ttsaas numbers:

1,354 investors



October 30

An amazing display of creativity by Jim Carrey thru a new avenue:

November 27

They will be posting the declassified military film in a few days: