The Asterisk (volume one)

The Asterisk Column (volume 1)
October 12 2017

Musician and author Tom DeLonge yesterday hosted a press conference in Seattle and announced an ambitious effort via a public benefits corporation called the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Joining him on stage were figures with signicant past positions in the government.



Newsweek article on this event:

Rolling Stone article on this event:

Huffington Post article on this event, with in depth background:

Their website:

October 13 2017

A background history will soon be posted in this column, giving a context to this new approach, which is clearly an upgraded and more transparent model for addressing the long standing ufo mystery (and related matters including paranormal experiences and capacities).

With the launch of this new effort, Tom DeLonge is sharing updates on social media frequently, with this one reporting an unscripted weekly tv program sharing developments, which includes showing in public for the first time sharp military gun film footage of craft reportedly not ours or any other government:

That material is noted by DeLonge to be now declassified. I am wanting to find out more about who did the declassifying.

Per the most recent executive order (Obama, 2009), agency heads can do so. And, I think also department and compartmentalized program heads (like Luis Elizondo was until very very recently.)


In news on another front completely, multiple arrests and convictions of high profile gurus in India, as well as the recent exposure of serious abuses of a major Tibetan Buddhist figure, perhaps suggests a trend that the Guru function as created in ancient cultural milieus will give way to new vehicles and models of conveying primary spiritual realizations.

An association of sadhus from all the devotional lineages (ie Shiva, Krishna, the Goddess, etc) put out a list recently of a dozen or so big named gurus exhibiting criminal misconduct and abuse, their corruption extreme.

The vehicles of passing on a living experience of the non dual nature of existence will likely always involve some form of human mentorship, with varying cultures crafting unique expressions and practices.

A friend (attribution: Conrad Goehausen) suggested recently that a key vehicle of the future could be artists creatively engaged with all types of creative mediums.

Interestingly, 2 gurus in our era come to mind for their passion for and exercise of their artistic impulses: Namkhai Norbu, music and dance and Adi Da, painting, photography, theater, and literary fiction. (Two examples off the top of my mind.)

October 14 2017

TomDeLonge’s hometown paper becomes first metro-sized one to report on his October 11 announcement:

At this moment, the current info from their website reports 691 investors have purchased $331,664 of common type a stock.

Various music sites and magazines are also reporting onDeLonge’s multiple front project. Here is one with a screenshot of the facebook photo and message I linked here yesterday:

October 15 2017

The leading figures and foot soldiers (like, say, MUFON field investigators and members and participants in other ufo groups) and intensly focused students and fans in the so called “ufo community” have been quite mixed in their response to Tom DeLonge’s recent announcement.

There is quite alot of skepticism, largely expressed from a basis of a deep distrust of all things governmental.

Most of Tom DeLonge’s team are recently retired government insiders, all of whom held significant positions in military and intelligence agencies.

The current atmosphere in the ufo community, as evidenced by voluminous postings on social media, largely seems based on the growing adoption of a picture of things injected into the ufo field via disinformation operations back in the 1980s.

UFO historian Jerome Clark in the introduction of his 1998 encyclooedic volume The UFO Book: Encyclopedia of the Extraterrestrial noted (page xiv):

“The 1980s saw a revival of interest, at least among American ufologists, both in the extraterrestrial hypothesis and in the issue of alleged official coverups. The decade also hosted an almost unprecedented number of hoaxes, many involving bogus documents which purported to be internal memoranda from official agencies holding extraterrestrial hardware and bodies…..Speculations about space visitors and government concealment gave birth to the Dark Side movement, a subculture which fused unrestrained paranoia and far right conspiracy theory into a nightmarish vision of a malevolent Washington in collusion with sinister extraterrestrials in a plot to enslave the human race.”

Clark goes on to also note that in this decade there was the importance of emerging abduction research, as a positive development helping deepen understanding. Also he noted the significant signs that came out of mass sightings like during the Hudson Valley sightings.

It should be noted, though, that voices like Whitley Strieber, ufo political lobbyist Steve Bassett, Operation Right to Know founder Ed Komarek, and Lisa Galarneu, Russell Calka, and Chad Laibly of the Disclosure Activists, and Dr Joseph Burkes of Contact Underground are among some of the voices I have seen giving a positive regard to the potentials of this new project announced by Tom DeLonge on October 11.

At this time, the number of investors is up to 752 and investment total $360,144.

The Disclosure Activist group is sending the following supportive press release out on Tuesday October16:

View story at

Another news article:

It should be noted that, in addition to the points made above, many ufo folks think this is a scam at this point in time.

October 16

A long haul expected. A video update from DeLonge:

October 18

On Sunday, Whitley Strieber in a facebook post comments thread discussed the issue of the reported declassified military gun camera film by military pilots:

“He is right about the videos he is talking about. There is clear video of ufos that has been recently declassified, but no effort has been made to release it. I guess that some of the people he is working with knew how to find it. If it is declassified, itis perfectly legal to release it. If after 30 years of classification something is judged to have no national security significance, it becomes declassified. The way government handles things like this that it still doesnt want us to see is that it simply doesnt mention them. The criteria for continuing classification are pretty clear.

The document or other item has to either reveal classified information or lead to classified information. The UFO stuff has been so isolated within the system that most of it leads nowhere except to other UFO related material. Also, there has to be a national security issue. UFOs have not done anything to suggest that they might be a security problem, at least nothing that we can understand.”


Speaking of Facebook, I will now be limiting myself to passive info collection and zero participation in any aspect of facebook. As of now.

Posting by me at any place on the internet will be limited to instagram photos and updates in this column and in the book reports page here.


At Strieber”s website, , there is also this news item:

Saturday, October 14, 2017
Tom DeLonge Promises Release of Declassified Documents and Clear UFO Footage
In a YouTube video released today, Tom DeLonge has promised the release of clear UFO video taken by government cameramen and declassified documents relating to the UFO issue, possibly to the video being released.

In February of 2015, John Podesta’s last tweet as President Obama’s Chief of Staff said that his chief regret was once again failing to get UFO documents released. He also stated that “it’s the law” that they be released. What this apparently meant is that there are declassified documents that are being illegally held secret. If document are classified for 30 years and no national security issue is involved, by law they must be declassified. However, they are often offloaded to private defense contractors or left in place rather than released, effectively keeping them secret.

President Obama was unwilling to add an official imprimatur to such documents by releasing them through government channels. Without knowing specific terminology that might identify the documents, Freedom of Information Act demands for them would be unlikely to be successful. But the experts assembled by Mr DeLonge would be likely to know how to locate relevant documents, which could be legally made public.

Documents dating from 1987 or earlier could be involved in such a release. There have been many videos made of UFO overflights by various US agencies, radar tracks have been acquired and analyzed, and other data has been acquired and evaluated. According to astronaut Gordon Cooper, photographs were made of an unknown object landed at the end of a runway at Edwards Air Force Base in the 1950s. These photographs were sent to the Pentagon and never seen again.

However, many such documents, while themselves not having any national security implications, might in turn reveal secret techniques and processes, or lead to documents that are still legally classified, meaning that they can continue to be held secret. Not all, though, and it is to be hoped that the coming release finally puts to rest the fantasy that UFOs are not real.


Will be resuming posting book reports soon, here:


Chris Wilkinson is translating a key Dzogchen text in the third, “secret instruction”, series of Dzogchen texts, the famous sgra thal gyur.

He has been posting updates of translated text from that “tantra”!



At this moment, 820 investors to the DeLonge effort have bought $384,128 worth of common a type stock.


A senior leader in the UFO field named Kevin Randle has weighed in after reviewing (presumably) the SEC filing and articles arguing that the DeLonge effort is a scam. (See the website linked in 1st entry and click on circular at bottom of the Academy site page. They urge potential investors to read that, their SEC filing, before investing.)

Kevin joins the contingent in the ufo field calling this a money making scam:

It would appear by comments posting on facebook, etc. that the fringe little niche known as “the ufo community” generally do NOT have the hots for this project.

Due to anti government fever and also suspecting this is a scam.

Does it matter, insofar as having a suppressive impact on this new effort?

No. Not in the least.

The reason for that is that this project as it has developed and been introduced has real potential to take the ufo subject more prominently into the public domain than anything brought into play before.

In any event, judge for yourself after reading the full SEC filing. In addition to the pdf of that at their website, i found a linkable text of it:


A couple of hours ago, DeLonge posted at facebook a response to the questions he was seeing regarding the entertainment company and the relationship with the aerospace division in the academy.

“A lot of peopkle are asking why we are doing 2 divisions of aerospace and entertainment. I started the entertainment company a couple of years ago, investing heavily into feature film scripts, tv series, novels and authors, trademarks, and everything else you see us doing. The entertainment company is now set up to really succeed over the next couple of years, so i made a choice to let that division move along and grow into a lucrative media/publishing/merchandise division while the aerospace company can hunker down and build something that could change the world. Otherwise, the aerospace company would have to get into defense contracts to stay afloat. So this was a way to stay away from building weapons. Oh, that thing we want to build it will be in one of our movies.”

October 19

Late this morning, the investment stats are 848 investors and $491,478.

The DeLonge effort might benefit from NASA providing support for private company work on advancing the ball down the field. Here is a spacedotcom article posted today:


Basic research in the space sciences holds essentially limitless potential for tackling profound questions of our existence and opening the doors of exploration, innovation and future economic opportunity. Space science continues to generate extraordinary discoveries, whether groups are exploring Mars, investigating the fundamental physics of the universe or discovering new exoplanets around nearby stars.

This drive to explore and exploit space has led to the emergence of new companies and innovations in traditional aerospace companies seeking to reform the way spacecraft are designed, built, launched and operated. There has also been a surge in private resources dedicated to creating new commercial capabilities and initiating the next wave of space exploration — though not yet for discovery-driven scientific missions. [NASA Could Reach Mars Faster

October 20

Long time Canadian UFO scholar Grant Cameron, well known for his research focus on Presidents and UFOs, shared his take and opinions on Tom DeLonge’s recently announced effort during an online webinar.

He began by sharing what he called his biases.  Unlike DeLonge, he doesnt believe there are bad actor aliens present here, but on two other fronts he and Tom are on the same page:

~He does not feel that the government is evil….

~There has been a many decades long program of incrementally releasing ufo secrets.

Cameron has documented his hypothesis in his recent book Managing Magic.

He characterizes this strategy of a gradual drip dripping of ufo secrets into the public domain as a mid point between keeping in place a full coverup and a full disclosure in one fell swoop.

Tom DeLonge’s effort is one of six authentic programs, Cameron believes, that was basicly greenlighted by Barack Obama in his answer to a GQ magazine interviewer on November 17 2015:

Have you ever said, “Give me the JFK assasination files, I want to read them.  Give me all the secret stuff”?

Obama: I gotta tell you, it is a little disappointing.  People always ask me about Roswell and the aliens and UFOs, and it turns out the stuff going on that is top secret isnt nearly as exciting as you expect.  In this day and age, it is not as top secret as you would think.

Cameron related in some depth the previous history of a gradual release program, focusing in on the networking with insider sources by Bill Moore and Jaime Shandera in the 1980s.

He noted that the infamous and poorly produced 1988 Fox show “UFO Coverup Live” was meant to be a partial Reagan era stab at partial disclosure.

And, that the much better presentation by DeLonge and team (in his view) on Octover 11 is a contemporary and upgraded version of that attempt.

Cameron feels that aliens themselves seem to have the same gradual exposure dynamic in play.  He showed a screen shot of a gathering of a South American contactee group event at Mt Shasta’s Sandy Flats where elsewhere he reported personally sharing in experiences of limited and somewhat distant signs of alien contact being experienced.

Cameron says the main surprise for him was the extent of the plans for DeLonge’s Aerospace Division.

Unlike so many ufo folks, Cameron “does not fault” DeLonge for the money raising of the entertainment division and its public education purpose.  He thinks that work is okay with him.

Unfortunately, my connection to the webinar was lost 34 minutes in when he started talking about Ron Pandolfi, a retired CIA figure who was one of Bill Moore”s birds in his “aviary” of insider sources.  (There are no indications that he is part of the DeLonge effort.)

Bad timing!  It sounded like Grant C was moving into some real strange territory when referencing some interdimensional portal that Pandolfi was somehow involved with.

Update: the whole video is now on youtube:

Grant Cameron webinar 10/19/2017

This concludes volume one of the ongoing chronicling.

Having seen the rest of the Cameron web class on what he sees happening with disclosure programs, i will resume in Volume Two of The Asterisk reporting further details of what he asserts.

News compilation continues here:

The Asterisk (Volume 2)


Grant Cameron asserted his belief last night that Obama essentially greenlighted 6 programs (he says the DeLonge effort is one of them) to incrementally release ufo secrets in a answer given in a november 17 2015 with GQ mag: Have you ever said, “Give me the JFK-assassination files, I want to read them. Give me all the secret stuff”? I gotta tell you, it’s a little disappointing. People always ask me about Roswell and the aliens and UFOs, and it turns out the stuff going on that’s top secret isn’t nearly as exciting as you expect. In this