“Who ARE They” Notes, Volume One


Notes from Encounters With UFO Occupants, Coral and Jim Lorenzen, 1976, chapter 9 “The Humanoids from South America”

(PART 2 notes will be of cases from the United States described in another chapter of this book.)

Brazil, 1953…..farmer Osta E Rosa, 3 beings seen, 2 outside craft…1 examined barb wire fence, another picked up hoe dropped in surprise and handed back to farmer, some plants uprooted, farmer given indication not to move closer to craft, they exit in craft rapidly when farmer offers an animal. Beings: medium height, broad shouldered, long blond hair, very pale skin, slanted eyes, clothing brown and fastened to shoes with no heels.
Two days after the above incident, and very close to the above incident, farmer Pedro Morais saw a jeep hooded shape craft descend (previous farmer described shape of an explorerers hat) and human like figures enveloped in yellow colored sacks head to toe came out picking plants and trying to steal a chicken. Farmer stayed angry, they left fast.

Brazil, 1947…..Brazilian surveyor Jose Higgins saw a huge 150 foot disc descend. 7 feet tall beings emerged and leapt about, threw stones about, etc and left. They were bald, had large round eyes, no eyebrows, transparent suits covering whole body.

Argentina, 1950……witness Wilfredo Areva-Lago saw huge disc hovering low and saw thru transparent done 4 tall well shaped men in cellophane suits, wworking on instruments

[A side note, p148-149: “We have so far seen a couple of general types of UFO occupants, and it is obvious that unconnected sources are seeing the same things. The bulk of the cases indicate a preponderence of small beings about 36 to 40 inches in height, but there is also another category of occupants ranging in size from about 4 1/2 feet to 5 feet. Still another is ‘the giant’ species, which is rare. The small hairy, animal-like beings with claws and hot tempers seem to be menial workers while the others are more docile and generally keep their distance, except on rare occasions”—-my aside: I didn’t include examples of the hairy dwarfs in the notes here]

Brazil 1954…witness Ruben Hellwig, while driving, saw a rugby football shaped craft the size of a VW car land and he stopped and approached craft. He saw two human like beings of average size, brownish faces and fair hair, one of them collecting specimins of grass. They spoke to him in an unfamiliar language but he understood them as requesting where to find ammonia. He told the in a nearby town and they leave, craft silently and instantly leaving as it emits blue and yellow colors. He encounters the same craft the next day, but with different beings: tall man with fair complexion and 2 women with light brown skin, long black hair, and large dark, slanted eyes. They noted Brazil’s natural riches and said they were scientists. They also noted on Hellwig not running away from them, unlike so many others before.

Brazil, 1954…witness a railroad employee sees 3 small human shaped beings in tight fighting, luminous clothing and who are examining the ground around railroad tracks…when they spot the witness they enter oval shaped craft which rapidly ascends.

Argentina, 1957…unidentified motorist finds car engine suddenly dies as large disc (60 foot diameter) hovers 15 yards above highway. He runs and hides in a ditch beside the road. Disc descends to a few feet above ground with sound of air escaping from valve and he sees an elevator like device come out of base. A man (no features except for clothing given) wearing a tight fitting outfit like a wet suit comes out and politely asks him to leave ditch, rubbing witness on forehead with calming effect. Being takes man to inside craft with a few others also dressed in same way. On wall large square windows not evident on the outside. Then he is taken back outside, being puts hand on shoulder of the motorist, and craft departs. Craft said to be made of blue-green iridescent metal and ascended rapidly. Press accounts share reports also of several sightings of similar looking craft in the area over the next hour.

Brazil, 1957…two farmers, Joao Ernani and Pedro Zilli came across 2 discs several hundred feet away, hovering a feet above the ground, and “six medium sized men of slim build with a tight-fitting, dark-gray suits were returning to the craft”. When these two craft, 10 feet in diameter, rose with a “sharp whistling sound”, it bent palm trees, and was joined by 3 other craft rising from behind the trees. The 5 discs headed out over the south Atlantic Ocean.

Argentina, 1958….A motorist, Remo Dall’s Armellina, traveling pre dawn saw a “brilliance” behind a hill on the road ahead. It was not the expected approaching car but a “strange individual…taller than normal [and] wearing strange clothing”. The light came from what appeared to be small metallic like balls covering him head to toe. The motorist stopped after seeing this being raise its arm to signal. And, then he got out of his car with a crowbar and was quickly stopped when the emitted white light changed to a rose color. He felt dizzy as if under the influence of a narcotic. He fell to the ground, and lost consciousness. Awakening later, he was alone and went to the police station where doctors found him still in a nervous condition.

El Salvador, 1958….an American technician working on a dike construction project, Julio Marino Madeleto, was on the highway in a rain storm near midnight when his car got disabled by a gas can wedging underneath it.  He got out and worked on dislodging the can when he saw by his headlights a 40 foot diameter bell shaped craft land a 100 feet away.  “He then noticed a human figure about 6 and a half tall and dressed in a blue outfit …… gently strike the [rim of the disc] from time to time with a metallic object.”  This figure seemed to suddenly disappear and the witness then saw the craft began to leave, with phases of light brightening [on top] and buzzing sounds and oscillating and tilting on axis, etc described as happening  prior to its rapid vertical ascent.  The witness checked the landing trace signs and found footprints filled with rain that were deeper than his, suggesting being had heavier weight.

Brazil, 1960….on a late spring night a high number of ufo sighting reports were made in a 5 state area of northeast Brazil.  One report included sightings of occupants seen by farmer Raimundo dos Santos near two landed discs on the beach.  They were described as “several small, pale-looking human-like entities”.

Argentina, 1962….a husband and wife see “two robot-like creatures” near a landed disc-like object.  The wife needed tretment for shock at a hospital.  Argentine Air Force officials later investigating site observed an 18 feet-in-diameter scorched circle.