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Online Book

An Overview: Four Asian Traditions (Impacting Western Cultures Since the 19th Century)
Welcome to this site.

This site contains an online book, presented by an “anonymous retiree”, that is a very beginning introduction to the basic history, teachings, and practices to the main Asian-born non-dualistic wisdom traditions that began seriously impacting western cultures in the 19th Century.

At the base of the header photo for this site are the links to the contents of that book, which surveys Advaita Vedanta, Vipassana, Kashmir Shaivism, and Dzogchen. And, also here:

Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Advaita Vedanta

Chapter Three: Vipassana

Chapter Four: Kashmir Shaivism

Chapter Five: Dzogchen

Chapter Six: The Instructive Stories

Here’s the Title Page for what will be the only flesh and blood version by me; the reader will note that re-publishing by others is allowed (in any manner that they desire):

~The history, literature, teachings and practices of Advaita Vedanta, Vipassana, Kashmir Shaivism, and Dzogchen~
~Presented by an anonymous retired person~
~Creative Commons with source attribution (“anonymous retired person” and “http://” as site for online posting of book contents)~
~Published by “Not-Two Dance Publishings”, an Unincorporated Forest-Recluse operation.

Realization Lyrics of the Not-Two Spirit Awareness


here we are

and here all this is:

an ever refreshing pulse arising from an unfathomable Mystery,

forever unknowable,

being not an apart something distinct from all that is.


the Mystery of here we are

and here all this is,

is recognized and realized when in the forefront of feeling and awareness,


as the pervasive clear and limitless light of awareness

and the bare sense of being.


naked awareness and being

contain, illuminate, and seamlessly IS

the ever-changing energetic creative expression and play of the Mystery,

and it can be seen directly and felt as one’s essential nature,

yet still can not be pointed to as an other standing apart

from the creative and playful flux of all that is.


the creative play in flux,

freshly and spontaneously emerging,

includes living-aware beings

fixating on illusory imaginings

freeze-framing an “I” sense

associated with the decaying trajectory

of a body-mind form.


this “I”,

standing and performing on the body-mind stage,

plays in a drama,

which always feeds on the dynamics of conflict, harmonizing, and in-between

with other characters,

assuming the same fortress stance of the fixed in place “I” sense,

in this mysteriously appearing cosmic show.


the creative play in flux,

freshly and spontaneously emerging,

includes living-aware beings recognizing the chain of unnecessary distress,

born from an identifying fusion with the illusory  “I” sense

while in a dream-field of play of others

seen also as freeze framed and autonomous “I”s.


disillusioned with the dream condition,

the light of the morning sun dances on the eyelids of the dreamer,

now slowly stirring awake.